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"The Education Alliance Celebrates 30 Years!"
31 Dec 2013
Blog Post

This year, The Education Alliance is celebrating our 30th Year Anniversary. Thanks to statewide business and community partners, our programs have touched the lives of thousands of public school students in West Virginia. 


To commemorate our 30th anniversary, The Education Alliance has developed a short video that highlights the importance of business and community support for public education (link).  If your business, community group or school system would like to learn more about the Education Alliance or to get involved visit our website or call 1-866-341-KIDS. 


“From the College Bound program in the 1980s to our new AmeriCorps project, The Education Alliance has continually placed students first and supported higher levels of excellence in our public education system,” said Amelia Courts, President/CEO.  “Together we are looking forward to another 30 years of improving public education in West Virginia.”


Highlights of The Education Alliance’s accomplishments over the past 30 years include:  

  • Awarded $1.28 million to 4,546 classroom teachers for innovative K-12 classroom projects
  • Awarded $750,000 to 15 SEEDS principals to implement innovative school initiatives that positively impacted student achievement
  • Helped the 27 Frontline Network counties develop and execute a personalized dropout prevention plan
  • Matched over 2,114 students with online business mentors for the WV eMentoring experience
  • Provided 20,200 hours of mentoring to 1,135 at-risk students by 44 AmeriCorps on the Frontline members