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"Educating West Virginia is impacting West Virginia students! "
15 Feb 2013
Blog Post

The Education Alliance began talking with community members and policymakers about three strategic issues in July 2012 —ensuring West Virginia third graders can read at or above grade level by the end of third grade; providing students in every county at least 180 days of instruction; and having educational reform efforts result in measurable benefits for students. The Education Alliance applauds and supports the Governor’s education agenda announced in the State of the State address which reflects our organization’s priorities.


The Governor indicated that having all students read well by the end of third grade is a state priority and that counties will soon have the flexibility to structure their calendars and provide students with 180 days of  classroom instruction. The Education Alliance also supports the Governor’s plans to:


  • give more flexibility to local school boards;
  • ensure technology is thoughtfully integrated into curriculum and instructional practices and
  • provide students with more information about the  educational pathways and careers available through community and technical colleges as well as vocational programs.


As the legislative session progresses, Educating West Virginia will keep the citizens of West Virginia informed about the progress and challenges associated with making these strategic priorities a reality.