Education Blogs
"Monroe County: Frontline Network"
12 Apr 2011

In this rapidly changing and evolving world, educational standards are continuously being raised higher and higher. As the competitive job market requires an ever increasing focus on the educational background of an individual due to the wealth of experience which some out of work veterans already have in their occupation, the Education Alliance is stressing to students and parents the importance of having a high school education. In addition to stressing how fundamentally important a high school diploma is the Education Alliance, through its Frontline Network to Improve High School Completion program, is also stressing the importance of preparing for a post-secondary career or education. 

The Education Alliance’s Frontline Network to Improve High School Completion program, currently offered in four West Virginia counties, offers numerous supportive programs for West Virginia high school students. It is through the Frontline Network program that the Education Alliance hopes to educate West Virginia's high school students and their parents about alternative learning methods as a way to give these students the tools they need to graduate high school and be successful after graduation. 

Through the Frontline Network's pilot program, students in Calhoun, Monongalia, Monroe and Putnam counties are reaping the benefits of this comprehensive program. The Frontline Network's utilizes an integrated approach to target students who have fallen off the path and need guidance to their high school graduation. In Monroe County specifically, several programs have been put in place to ensure all students have the opportunity to walk across the stage and receive their diploma. 

To benefit as many Monroe County school students as possible, educators in that county have implemented a range of programs including the Choice Bus program. The Choice Bus program originated in Alabama in the fall of 2008, and is used to encourage students to stay in school. Since October 2008, the Choice Bus has been taken to middle schools and high schools in 12 different states and has served a valuable program for schools that are trying to fight the epidemic of high school drop-outs. 

In addition to the Choice Bus, Monroe County's Frontline Network has also brought people together through public forums to discuss the high school drop-out rate and what measure can be made to fight this growing trend. The "School of Hard Knocks" program, available through the West Virginia State Treasurer's Office, is also being utilized by Monroe County's Frontline Network to help students learn practical financial and life skills. The "School of Hard Knocks" program teaches students important money and time management skills that are essential to being successful post-graduation. 

Aside from the Choice Bus program, public forums and "School of Hard Knocks" program, Monroe County educators also made it a point to stress the importance of the need for more vocational programs in middles schools, and the importance of parent involvement. Bringing awareness to how important parent support and tutoring are for students, Monroe Country educators hope they, along with parents and community members, can keep all Monroe County high school students in school and on track to graduation.