Our Voice: Supporting Improvement for All Students


Business and community leaders need a committed and consistent voice to advocate for policy changes that will systemically improve student achievement in West Virginia. In July 2012, The Education Alliance began to play a leadership role by talking with community members and policymakers about strategic issues.


As part of ongoing efforts to support systemic improvement in West Virginia’s public schools, and in conjunction with the current 2014 Legislative session, The Education Alliance has issued its second annual publication of Policy Briefs.  The briefs are part of the “Our Voice” campaign and highlight the organization’s priorities around three areas that are a continued focus from last year and one new priority focus (STEM education):



What are you doing to ensure West Virginia students have the best educational outcomes possible? Join The Education Alliance through the “Our Voice campaign to make an impact today! There are several ways you can help: speak with your Senate and House legislative representatives, help spread the word, donate to this cause, or become more informed about the facts. To learn more about The Education Alliance’s policy and outreach initiative, please call 304-342-7850 or e-mail at info@educationalliance.org.


Current Education Policy & Evidence Based Research

Research on Early Literacy

Research on Extended Time for Learning

State of West Virginia's Executive Budget FY 2014

Children,  Poverty, and Educational Attainment PPT