It takes a special kind of person to be an outstanding principal.

To lead a public school well requires having intimate knowledge of its diverse and challenging internal communities:  students, parents, and teachers.  It also requires constant mindfulness that a public school is a member of the community, and the community at-large is crucial to the well-being of the school.  

Successful principals are intelligent, ethical, and brave.  They are willing to be pioneers.  They embrace difficult things, and model perseverance.  When faced with an opportunity to reach higher for their students, they welcome that opportunity with open arms.

SEEDS = Students Educational and Economic Development Success

The Education Alliance designed the SEEDS initiative to build relationships and resources for school principals.  Up to $50,000 for a school initiative - along with expert guidance from an educational consultant and a successful business CEO - allows administrators to create and conduct innovative plans for student achievement.

SEEDS principals demonstrate a strong commitment to personal and professional growth.  By expanding their managerial, technical, and entrepreneurial skills, they become leaders who are more knowledgeable, ambitious, and prepared to improve students’ academic

These are the stories of West Virginia principals who excel in their work, and who have reached impressive new levels of success through partnership with The Education Alliance.  We are proud to support these leaders, and we are privileged to share in their professional success.



SEEDS Success Stories


Lifelong Learning and Celebration: Barbara S. Upton, Evans Elementary School

Success from the Ground Up: Jeff Woofter, Oak Glen High School

Engineering a Vision: Sara Stapleton, Wayne High School

Ahead of the Curve: Joseph Paolo, Weir Middle School