Mission Vision Graduation Class


Every West Virginia public school student will graduate ready to begin a career or pursue additional education and training.



The Education Alliance is an independent voice, earnest advocate, and statewide participant that advances policies and practices to continually improve public school student achievement in West Virginia.


The Education Alliance is a nonprofit organization that advocates for a quality public education for all West Virginia children. It was established in July 1983 as the first statewide public education fund in the nation. It was the brainchild of West Virginia business executives, who saw the importance of supporting public schools and giving the business community a voice in education. As a nonprofit organization, it is supported 100% by grants and donations from businesses and individuals. Through statewide advocacy efforts and student-centered programs, The Education Alliance:


  • Serves over 12,000 students annually
  • Utilizes more than 500 volunteers to provide more than 20,000 hours of service
  • Matches more than 1,700 students with an online business mentor
  • Pairs 98% of West Virginia schools with at least one business partner
  • Provides sound research and data in public dialogues about education


From the Partnerships in Education program in the 1980s to our new AmeriCorps project, The Education Alliance has continually placed students first and supported higher levels of excellence from our public education system. From the very beginning, business and community partners have been the key to the organization. Without these dedicated men and women, The Education Alliance would not be where it is today. Together with our partners, we look forward to a strong collaboration to improve public education in West Virginia.